Light Snow, Book Club recap, Tyson Store Closing~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Snow or no snow?  I was coming home from WRJ on Saturday evening and the rain was unrelenting at times.  The glare in the dark on the wet pavement was frightening because it was difficult to see the lines on the road.  It was not until I arrived at the Plymouth border that the rain turned to snow.  The saving grace was the newly painted lines on 100A, plus the fact there was little oncoming traffic to blind me!

I noticed a fire truck coming up the Notch hill and later learned that there had been a roll-over on Messer Hill.  When emergency personnel arrived, the occupants of the car were no longer there.  I am not sure if a penalty of some kind will be the result of leaving the scene.  

Snow had been forecasted for the wee hours of today (Monday) and there was some, but it melted by dawn.  Momentary flurries have filled the air this morning, but nothing of consequence.  I paused in writing and now it is momentarily hailing.  Of course, winter weather is nipping at our heals.  I hope that folks are preparing for the season with good tires and such.  I just put my snow brush in the car, plus an emergency bag of items in case I become stranded somewhere.

We had a delightful conversation about spy Sonya & spies in general when the Reading Group met last week.  Rose hooked us up to Zoom, so a member in FL was also able to participate.  We also welcomed a new member Haylee and appreciated her comments & insights.   The next meeting is planned for Wednesday, 12/8 at 6:30 pm at the Community Center, when we will discuss the book Blue Desert by Celia Jeffries.  Consider joining us – the more the merrier!

Well, I was excited to learn about several more Nov birthday.  I missed Brian Hayes, who turned 16 on 11/4 and his sister Crystal will be 17 on 11/23.  Missy Lynds shares the 17th for her special day. I also missed Karen Evans (11/7) and Lonnie Ennis (11/14)  Art Lynds  and Patrick Donnelly share 11/15.  Best wishes to all!

I wanted to share the news that the Tyson Store will be closing on 11/30.  It is understandable that running the place is difficult now, but it will be greatly missed, as will be seeing Tina, Brooke and Ashley.  Tina said she is selling some items, too, since the potential buyer will not be running a store..  My grandsons wanted to where they will register their deer now.  It was always so nice that Tina took their pictures, too.   Arrangements have been made to handle the snow plowing piece, so that appears to be all set.  Sending well-wishes. 

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