Snow, World Cup and local achievements of young people ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


So, winter is upon us! I just barely brought the Thanksgiving decorations inside before the snow began on Friday. I was glad that I pushed the snow off the deck into the driveway twice that evening because it was quite dense and hard to move, even a few inches at the time. The remaining 3 or so inches in the morning, seemed lighter and easier to remove. Here in Tyson, I had about 10 inches of snow, but apparently many areas received much less. It certainly was a winter wonderland on Saturday!

On Thanksgiving morning, my drive alert sounded and it seemed so fitting to look out and view a line of turkeys waddling down my driveway. Then on Sunday morning at 4:44 AM (digital clock), I was awakened and decided to see what was happening out there. Although cloudy, the moon was providing some light so that I could see two graceful shapes silhouetted against the snow. Since I didn’t need to turn on a light I was able to watch them meander along, then suddenly sprint up the bank and disappear into the woods.

The World Cup women’s giant slalom at Killington was canceled due to high winds after nine racers participated in the first run on Saturday. The conditions were difficult with the wind speed, noted at one point as being 30 miles per hour, that cause whipping snow and poor visibility. Sunday brought slalom win No. 46 for the 26-year-old American, Mikaela Shiffrin, who is said to have honed her skills nearby at the Burke Mountain Academy as a teenager.

Well, the Hagge family is at it again, but this time it was younger daughter, Beatrix Hagge who participated in the 30th annual West Hill Shop Kid’s cyclocross bicycle race on November 14 and came in very close second in her category. Congrats!

Ayla Price is still dancing with the Dance Factory. This year will have the lead as the sugar plum fairy in the Nutcracker that will be held at Green Mt High School on 12/11 and 12/12. She was also just inducted into the National Honor Society. Nice work!

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