Seeking Part time Lister and Welcome 2022! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I hope that everyone had a delightful Holiday and that the weather did not upend your plans. I stayed over Christmas Eve with family in Ludlow and the rain/sleet that continued for most of the next day, totally encased my car in ice. I was watching the forecast, so when the precipitation stopped mid-afternoon, I was able to chip away the ice and head back to Tyson. The main roads were good, but side roads were rather slippery. Driveways seemed to be glazed, but I made it up mine and into the garage without mishap. I could almost hear my car breath a sigh of relief!

The other day I was jolted by something hitting my dining room window where my sunflower feeder hangs high off the ground. I knew it was probably a bird, so I rushed over in search of the victim. I had to actually hang out before I saw it. Sure enough, a bird was sprawled on top of my heat pump condenser. Its wings were spread out and its head was immobile, cocked to one side. I thought the worst and went to get my camera before deciding my next move.

When I returned, however, the small hawk was standing up albeit wobbling a bit. It was moving its head slowly and seemed rather baffled. My thought was that it had tried to make a meal of one of the smaller birds feasting at my feeder, so of course I spoke to it. It looked up at me and the next thing I knew it took flight, seeming to have weathered the ordeal. Perhaps it just needed my words to prod it into action.

Please note that the town is looking for a part-time Lister. At the moment, this is an appointed position due to a vacancy. Applicants must have Plymouth residency in order to qualify. The starting rate is $15/hour, although prior experience will be considered. If interested, please call Sandie at the Town office (802-672-3655) and submit a resume, so that an interview with the Select Board can be arranged.

The New Year is fast approaching. Often that may signal a time to make meaningful changes. Despite the continuing threat of Covid, perhaps the hopeful thing to do is to give some thought to pleasant possibilities and shifts that can increase our health and happiness. Sending blessings your way for 2022!

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