Informational Town Meeting on 2/28, Book Club and recent property transfers ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, here it is, Monday morning and sunny! Actually the sunrise yesterday morning was spectacular, but it was nice to see the less flashy morning glow today, too.  What strange weather last week.  Snow reached our area, but kept flip-flopping over to sleet or rain.  That made for crunchy snow with ice crystals.  Ludlow was overflowing with skiers this weekend. When it warms up a bit, a friend and I are planning to snowshoe today.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful wildlife.  Famished finches are decimating my sunflower seed feeder, while the chickadees demurely sneak it to pluck a seed and depart to eat it.  The other night (well 3:30 AM) I saw a fox roaming around my dooryard.  When I turned on the floodlight, it even paused in the driveway so I could see its beautiful busy tail.

There has been some confusion about the warning for Town Meeting on 2/28, which is now also posted on the Town website.  The Monday evening meeting will be both in person and available via Zoom.  As a result, this will only be an informational meeting according to the Select Board with voting on the articles by Australian ballot on Tuesday.  Per Sandie, the Town Report should be ready to mail later this week, so folks will have an opportunity to examine it and formulate questions. You may also call her (802-672-3655) for an absentee ballot.

The book group will meet by Zoom on Wednesday, 2/8 at 6:30 PM to discuss Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter by Lisa Patton.  Although containing some stereotypical comments about Vermonters, it also pokes fun at southerners as well.  Ideas for the next books for upcoming months will be discussed, too.  All are welcome to participate!

Birthday best wishes to  Lisa Obriskie  (2/8) Scott Hepler (17) Naomi Moyer (25).  I am sure there are many folks to celebrate, so let me.

 A few more property transfers:    

 894 East Ash Rd     $260,000.00   KKJ Investments LLC  to  Jason & Jessica Pollard

 71 Pollard Rd   $716,000.00  Kathleen Brown to Pollard Rd LLC        

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