Select board meeting, Town website updated, petition circulating, Strawberry Festival on Wednesday! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Wow, aren’t these temperatures crazy! I have been glad that I left some turtlenecks in my drawer. I did stop at Camp Plymouth State park today (Sunday) and was practically blown away by the wind. I bought lunch, a yummy chicken dish, but brought it home to devour it. There were several people at the park and a number of them were patronizing the food truck. I highly recommend it!

It is exciting to see that the Town website has been updated. As a matter of fact, the agenda for the 6/20 Select Board meeting is posted and it appears it will be a very informative one with a wide variety of issues being addressed from Ancient roads to the Amherst dam to the Town Clerk position.

You may have noticed that a petition to the Plymouth Select Board has circulating for the town to adopt a Declaration of Inclusion that 52 towns have already adopted since Gov. Scott approved it in 2021. According to Todd Menees, “this is a grassroots effort working with community leaders to reinforce the message that Vermont is a safe and welcoming place for all. Two speakers from Vermont Declaration of Inclusion will be present at Monday’s meeting to discuss this Vermont initiative.” For more information go to

There was a nice write-up in the VT Standard this week about Rejoice Scherry, the new Administrator at the State Historic site at the Notch. I will try to speak with her and report more here. Perhaps she will attend the Plymouth Strawberry Festival this Wednesday, 6/22 at Camp Plymouth State Park from 5-8 PM. The proceeds from this fundraising event go back to community in various ways via Emergency Services and Tyson Ladies Aid. By the way congratulations to Eric Blanchard who was awarded the TLA Scholarship this year.

Don’t forget about the Sunday afternoon Farmers Market at the Community Center from 3-6 PM. No fee for vendors and an opportunity to pick up local items and visit with folks!

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