Sunny days, interesting car wash experience and boat on Echo lake ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Bright and sunny again today (Sunday), but hopefully some much needed rain will arrive tomorrow. I am being careful with my water usage after my sadly diminished spring let me down a couple of weeks ago. So, in order to save my water, I decided to go to the car wash in Chester yesterday and had an interesting experience.

I paid, pulled in and stop when signaled to do so. I was wondering why there was only one pass of soapy water. Then the green light flashed telling me to exit. As I contemplated the situation, I noticed that the bar was coming down in front of my car, so I really couldn’t move forward. The door behind me was closed.

I hoped that perhaps when the bar reached the bottom it would rise again, but that isn’t what happened. I couldn’t get out of my car with apparatus blocking me in, so I called 911. Was this truly an emergency? I was patched through to a very nice fellow who tried to call the company – the number was no longer valid. Then I was transferred to a lovely gal who dispatched an officer from the Chester police dept. He indicated that this had happened in the past! Anyway, he managed to open the back door, through which I left, with a streaky car….

There has been an issue on Echo Lake this week regarding a boat that is making huge waves & causing consternation and damage to docks and such. My suggestion is to let the Select Board know your concerns to see if anything can be done about the situation. This lake is much tosmall for these boats and I understand that legislation is going to be undertaken on the state level in the future. Everyone needs to be mindful and respectful so the all can enjoy this beautiful lake.

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1 Response to Sunny days, interesting car wash experience and boat on Echo lake ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

  1. Carolyn Dashef says:

    Very Scary car wash experience. Hlad you are fine😉carolyn

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