Plymouth Old Home Day at Coolidge Historic Site, lunch at the Emergency Services chicken BBQ, Select board Agenda! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I have routinely been seeing a 4-legged creature in my yard of late. I barely recognized the mangy fox because there is absolutely no fur left on its tail. In light of recent reports of rabid foxes in Ludlow, I have been somewhat concerned. Yet, as I did some internet research, there was mention that mange can cause them to be less fearful. It settled in the sun on my upper bank and rolled around, possibly trying to sooth its itchy condition.

We are so fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife in our area, yet sometimes sharing space can cause issues. I have previously noted bear “invasions” and I recently heard about a flotilla of geese chasing a swimmer on Woodard. In the meantime, the hummingbirds are busy sipping at flowers and feeders and the butterflies are fluttering in great profusion. Lots to ponder and enjoy.

I seem to be out of the loop on local happenings these days. I know we are at the end of July, but I just realized that Plymouth Old Home Day is coming up on 8/6 at the Coolidge Historic Site. As usual, the re-enactment of the Presidential oath of office will be happening with current Coolidge family members assuming the roles. Come enjoy demonstrations of sheep shearing, straw hat braiding, spinning and take a wagon ride or play old-fashioned games. Last but not least, savor lunch at the Emergency Services chicken BBQ!

Select Board Agenda for 81/22 at 6 PM

Carol goodwin – scheduling town vote on bond issue

Ambulance contract updates

Cell phone tower contract

Speed on Kingdom Road

Stickney bridge bids


Select board clerk and website administrator

Macawee Pond Road decision

Cemetery funds request

ARPA grant request

Warrants and mail

Future discussion and decisions

upcoming elections

building renovation and bond

inclusion statement

sanctuary town
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