Upcoming Town-wide Tag Sale, Special Town meeting and Plymouth Notch Apple Fest and 5K race ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard

I enjoyed a lovely weekend at Omega wellness center in Rhinebeck NY with a former work colleague.  Traveling  different roads made me even more aware of the changing leaves as the weather flip-flops bad for back and forth during this in-between season.

Even though preparing for a new school year is long in my past, this time of year makes me feel like starting anew.  I have been going through baskets where I often toss items while deciding if they need to be saved or not. This is the perfect opportunity to look at possessions and decide if they might become treasures for someone else. So, don’t forget the town wide tag sale coming up on Saturday, 10/9.

Changes changes, life is full of them! Please note that the time for picking up items after the sale on Monday, 10/10 will begin at 4 PM.  Also, please bear in mind that the correct date of the special town meeting is Monday, 10/17 at 6 PM as noted in the revised Warning. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for the Plymouth Notch Apple Fest and 5K race on Saturday, 10/1.  The Coolidge Foundation “I do not choose to run“ 1 mile walk will begin at 10 AM. Lots of other activities will be taking place at The Historic Site, including cider pressing, sampling of apple goodies, along with wagon rides, craft demonstrations, cheesemaking and more.

Congratulations to Chase Morrissey and Mary Covell who were united in marriage this past Saturday in what I understand was a delightful wedding at the Middleberry Inn.  I love it when people share good news, so be sure to send me information!

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