Town-wide Tag Sale, fire on Lynds Hill and upcoming Town Meeting – Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


October is here, hailing autumn with leaves glowing in the bright sunlight on this crisp Monday morning. Cooler temps seem to have descended upon us quickly this year. So many happenings this weekend that I couldn’t attend them all. There was a nice crowd at the BBC auction on Saturday bringing much support for the camp’s mission and service to youngsters. The parking lot at the Historic Site appeared to be full, so hopefully the turnout there was good, as well.

The Town-wide tag sale is fast approaching – Sunday, 10/9! Don’t forget that this fun event at the Community Center (former Plymouth Elementary School) from 9 AM to 6 Pm is mainly indoors, so it will proceed rain or shine. Contact Lauren Skaskiw, Community Center Director at 802 417 6895 for more details.

On a sad note, there was a terrible fire on Lynds Hill on Saturday night that has left Felicia Pierce and Nate Marcotte and their young children, Carson and Piper in dire straits. It appears that they have lost everything. Neighbors responded quickly, as did the fire dept, but it was impossible to save the structure. In speaking with Nate yesterday, they are slowly trying to assess their situation and make a plan.

It is strange time as it seems like the birds could use some food, but feeders are a favorite target for our large bear population. I understand that Bob Lambert bagged a large bear recently.

I am hoping to present more information regarding the upcoming town meeting on Monday 10/17 at 6:00 PM. There is a wide range of diverse issues under consideration, so it seems important that folks attend, in person or virtually to ask questions and have input. 

On a lighter note, I just had a call from a neighbor who received a call this morning saying that her it was her grandson & his voice might sound strange because he was sick and on his way to the hospital when he had an accident. She played along for a time and was told he was in jail because he hit a politician and didn’t want his mom to know, but he needed bail of $17,000. Another fellow, supposedly his lawyer, got on to tell her where to send the money. I think this particular scam has been around for quite some time!

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