Select Board meeting tonight, Historic Site closed for season~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


As I write on Monday AM, it is raining gently, yet still lovely with the remaining golden hue. The weekend was delightful and allowed some fall clean-up. This morning before the rain started, it seemed like everyone was out walking. A neighbor had just seen a young bear on the road, but it disappeared into the woods. I don’t usually see cardinals, but one was hanging around today!

I did visit the Historic Site on Saturday with a friend from NY. I must admit that I take it for granted so it is important to do the tour periodically to be reminded what a well-organized and lovely place it is. Although a few tour buses can be seen there on occasion, it is actually closed for the season, at least until the winter weekend event.

There will be a Select board meeting this evening, but the discussion of those various issues previously warned, will not happen until 11/7. There are a couple of birthdays to mention: Steve Moyer (10/18) and Robert Buchan (10/25) – congratulations!

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