The election is fast approaching! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Although we are past peak and into the golden foliage season, there still seem to be many visitors here peering at the leaves. Although it is comical at times to see the extent to which people go in order to obtain a picture, it can also be dangerous. I try to remember that they are here to enjoy our beautiful state….

Tourists staying at the Echo Lake Inn lately have been treated to the sight of a young bear basking in the sun a mile up on Dublin Rd. On a recent walk, I was proudly shown a photo by a woman who was thrilled to get that close!

The election is fast approaching. Just a reminder that you will need to bring the ballot mailed to you by the State, even if go to the polls to vote. Recently the town has sent out a separate ballot about allowing a cannabis retailer to operate in Plymouth. This is an important decision for our town, so please make sure to cast your vote for this issue as well.

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