Fisher cats around, public informational hearing at Woodstock School Library, Plymouth Town meeting 3/6, & “Love Your Library” Auction ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


The fierce wind and freezing temperatures certainly presented us with some bone-chilling weather. It is amazing how 25 degrees can suddenly feel warm! I think my car is rather happy to be kept in a garage, since several friends had cars that refused to start on Friday.

I just happened to be looking out the window when I noticed a dark creature gracefully loping across the ridge beyond my sugar house. Fisher cats as they are often called, are actually part of the weasel family and most of us have heard horror stories about the fate of domestic cats at their hands or more accurately paws! Although they are not large, they are strong and fast on the ground and able to climb trees in pursuit of prey. One year a friend and I followed the tracks in that same area.

Please note that the Windsor Central Unified Union School District will have a public informational hearing at Woodstock School Library at 6:30 PM on Thursday, 3/2 to discuss articles to be voted by Australian ballot on 3/7. You can find the details on the Plymouth Town website under “warnings”. There are also directions for how to access the meeting via Zoom. As some of you may be aware, the need for a new middle and high school has been under consideration, so this will provide an opportunity to learn more on this important and financially sensitive issue.

Don’t forget that our Town Meeting is approaching on Monday, 3/6, with voting by Australian ballot on 3/7. This warning is also on the Town website. I apologize that I am not certain what is being voted on Monday night and what requires voting by ballot on Tuesday. I will attempt to clarify this information for next week.  I believe there is a Select Board meeting this evening, 2/6, although I do not see an agenda posted.

Perhaps some of you have already participated in the “Love Your Library” Auction being held online to benefit Fletcher Memorial Library. From 4-6pm on the final night, 2/16, folks are invited to come to the library and join staff/volunteers as the auction wraps up and to enjoy goodies from Pop’s Biscotti and Chocolates, as well as other tasty treats. If your bid is successful, you can even pick up your prize!

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