Upcoming Select board meeting on 2/20 ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I couldn’t believe that I was able to go for a walk one day in sneakers – who ever heard of such a thing in the middle of February! Then last Friday to awake to the rumble of thunder was another anomaly. Sugar makers have been scrambling to get their trees tapped, a bit earlier than usual for many. A long-range forecast just predicted heavy snow in March which will dampen the hopes of those dreaming of rapidly approaching spring….

It was a pleasant gathering at the spaghetti dinner hosted by Plymouth Emergency Services on Saturday evening. Although I did not partake in the desserts, I was told they were exceptional, especially the apple pie!

The upcoming Select Board meeting to take place on 2/20 will provide an opportunity to learn more about the need for updated fire equipment, so hopefully folks will attend and hear what is said. Also, please note that there will a School Board presentation from 6 to 6:30. As most folks are aware, there are proposals for significant upgrades at the Middle and High School in Woodstock. It will be important to obtain accurate information and to see what the financial repercussions might be. Go to the Town website to find the Zoom information if you prefer that option.

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