Winter continues, next Select Board meeting, recent power outage ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I am certainly ready for spring, but in the meantime, snowshoeing is keeping me & my friends occupied. Karen Evans & I trekked up the Vista Trail at Camp Plymouth State Park on Sunday and it was a perfect day for it! Others had packed down a trail, but it is still a bit challenging. Below are some pictures.

I was not able to attend Town Meeting but I understand that everything passed. As unlikely as it may seem, there were no questions on the budget!  I took this picture – seen on election day, but don’t worry, he didn’t vote!

Don’t forget the next Select Board meeting will be Mon, 3/13.  It appears there will be discussion of tax sales and an update on Town Clerk interviews.

Folks living near the Tyson Reading Rd experienced a power outage on 3/6. Thanks to Jan Schimp, here is a picture of the cause.

Taken from FPF:  High school students and parents, what’s next? Whether you’re college-bound, thinking of training or apprenticeships, or not sure, VSAC’s free event is for you. Attend in person at UVM or join via Zoom for live workshops and resources on March 18.

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