Select Board meeting tonight, short term rental discussions, Book Club ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Writing on Monday morning and the sun is shining brightly. The heavy snow of last week seems to be compressing, but there is still plenty of it around! Plowing has not been easy since the ground underneath is soft. Is spring really almost here?

The Select Board schedule is off this month, so the meeting will be tonight, 3/20. I understand that Daniels Construction will be starting the Stickney Bridge Project soon, weather permitting. I am told that will mean one way traffic across the bridge until July.

At the 3/13 SB meeting, it was noted that there may be other options for financing the Town Building renovations, including a possible grant that can help to defray cost. It was discussed that another property tax sale may be scheduled for this fall.

Discussion is taking place regarding the Short Term Rental regulations. There are differing opinions about these measures, but in essence they are a protection for neighboring properties, renters and those renting. Some of us are concerned about the waste water implications in particular.

The reading group will be meeting via Zoom on Wed evening at 6:30 to discuss Flying Solo by Linda Holmes. We will choosing the next several books to share, too.

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