PAL VT information and update

From Richard Ruggiano –

PAL VT, is a non-profit, 501c3, philanthropic organization, that was formed to Preserve Amherst Lake, one of the more pristine lakes in VT. The lake, in spite of its beauty and irreplaceable resources, was slated to be demonstratively changed by the proposed removal of the dam (Amherst Dam) at its southern end. The dam is one of the many privately owned dams in VT. Over that course of the last year and a half, it became abundantly clear to us that the only course of action to prevent the dam’s removal was through the transfer of ownership of the dam. Hence, the immediate focus for the organization has been to save the dam from destruction by doing what was necessary to acquire it.

Thanks to the relentless work of the members of PAL VT, the transition of the dam ownership to PAL VT took place in January of this year. As the new owners of the dam, we have begun the process of determining the next steps needed to restore the dam to its former glory.

Our hope is to be able to make the necessary repairs to ensure that the dam can continue to regulate the water flows that support the lakes along the Black River and return Amherst Lake to her past water levels that supported the ease of movement throughout the lake.

Our next step is to hire authorized engineers to inspect the dam and provide the necessary information for the State to approve the repairs that will need to be made to, and around the dam. PAL VT has been very fortunate to have a number of members and volunteers who have contributed to our success thus far, but to fully accomplish all that we have set out to do will require the help and support of many of your readers. We have much to do and as the lakes thaw and summer quickly approaches, I hope all the friends and lovers of the outdoors and the lakes and streams in and around our area will go to for further information and to assist in our cause to save the dam. Because if we succeed, we all benefit.

Richard Ruggiano


PO Box 412

Ludlow, VT 05149

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