Sunny skies, Select Board meeting minutes and Park news ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Oh, what a glorious weekend after the damp and dreary days of last week! Thanks to everyone who helped me to pull out the picnic table and lawn furniture, plus planters that I will soon fill.  The black flies were not a hindrance when I was working outside on Sunday, but I understand they have made themselves well-known in other parts of town.

I have transitioned to my hummingbird feeder, but I have not seen any yet. Joanie has seen them at her feeders up the road. I did find a very confused looking female purple finch sitting on mine, obviously disgruntled about the change. 

Although I was not able to attend the 5/1 Select Board meeting, I have reviewed the minutes that can be found on the town website.  Please know that the website is becoming a valuable source of information. I decided to note a couple of items. 

Pete Fellows was reappointed as 911 coordinator, with assistance from Mike Coleman and Margot Martell. Frank Vetere has been appointed short term rental administrator, while Margot Martell will coordinatethe application process. Dave Ulster presented the town with an AED, donated by Plymouth Emergency Services, that will be installed on the wall of the town building.

Wellcome back to Tiffany & Chris at Camp Plymouth State Park! I can’t recall where I read the misinformation, but the park is located in Plymouth, not Ludlow!  We have 2 state parks in town, including Coolidge State Park on the other side of town, noted for its lovely campsites.

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