Local Castleton Graduate, Reading Group and local venues opening ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


The rain on Saturday was much needed, making everything shimmer and very green on Sunday morning. Unfortunately the first wedding of the season was this weekend at the Echo Lake Inn. It looked like they had a lovely dinner on the front lawn on Friday evening, but needed to retreated to the tent for the Saturday events.

I am so happy to announce that Kyleigh Savery graduated from Castleton with a BS in Psychology last weekend. You can find her at Camp Plymouth State Park again this summer, but after that she will pursue becoming a “child life specialist”.

The Reading Group will be discussing Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus on Wednesday, 5/24. I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to hearing the opinions of others.

Many venues will be opening this coming holiday weekend. Both State parks in town and the Coolidge Historic Site will open on Friday, 5/26 while the Tyson Library will open for the season on Saturday, 5/27.

Please note that the Plymouth Cheese Factory is open from 11AM until 4 PM for the summer. Cheese will continue to be made on-site. The pop-up store at the Bridgewater mall will be opening for the holiday weekend.

We are fortunate not to have many fires in town, but last week a Frog City Road structure on the property of Michelle and Justus Pingree burned. Fortunately it was contained and did not consume their home. Many thanks to the several neighboring fire departments that responded to the mutual aid call.

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