Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Great-granddaughter Theresa, granddaughter Rebekka and Ellen Steward. Photo by Kathy Lynds

It sounds like it was a wonderful 85th birthday celebration this past Sunday for Ellen Steward at the home of Kathy & Bob Lynds. Attending the party were granddaughter, Rebekka & great-granddaughter Theresa, as well as Ruth & William Bostock. The lovely cake was made by Doris Earle.

I guess there was a bit of excitement on 100 N on Sunday afternoon. Although it was tested on Saturday, Killington’s snowmaking line near Farm & Wilderness ruptured, gouging out a bit of the road & causing traffic to be halted for over an hour. Workers from Markowski’s gravel pit made a temporary patch allowing one lane of traffic. It is expected to be repaired on Monday, so it should be just a memory by the time the paper goes out. Thanks to Kirk Turner for assisting at the scene.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to the Kowalski family on the recent passing of his mother. This must be a particularly difficult time, since it was not too long ago that his father passed away.

I had occasion to visit the Notch on Saturday, in order to meet Jean Schmell’s daughter, Mary Jane Crockett. It was completely deserted when I arrived, but then Elaine Gambone arrived with Mason & Oscar, who apparently like to walk there. The place will be bustling on Dec 11th, though, with the Coolidge Holiday happenings. Keep it in mind!

Karen Evans & I went for a walk up Patch Brook Road on Sunday & found Steve Heilner, Cindy Summer, & Steve’s dad up there. It is incredible the way that gaping hole has been filled in! Carolyn Scott is well aware of the many truckloads of fill that have passed in earshot of her home. The road is not ready for vehicles yet & as a matter of fact will most likely be closing for winter soon. The repair is good news for snowmobile riders & for those of us who like to snowshoe there!

By the way, thanks to Eric Evans for figuring out why my printer wasn’t working & getting me back in business! Thanks also to Terry Bascom for printing my sermon last week & Laurence at the Echo Lake Inn for printing fliers for me. Computers & such are so helpful, but so frustrating for me at times……

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  1. lee kafer says:

    Margo, I have a Canon multi-function printer (MP830, check it out online) that I could give to you or the church, if you feey you could use it. It works fine.


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