Roads Open; All Welcome to Tyson Thanksgiving Dinner

From Margo Marrone
Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Couldn’t resist including this picture of my grandson, Owen’s baptism this past Sunday. What an honor for me to welcome him into God‘s embrace & into the care of Christ‘s church here at Tyson. Family, friends, & the congregation offered blessings & pledged to try to be a righteous example of God’s love. Family & a few friends enjoyed a potluck lunch at the Echo Lake Inn.

I had a nice walk with Susan Mordecai on Saturday up Patch Brook Rd. I looks like they are done & have added some places to pull over, which will be helpful when meeting another car! The official word, via the Plymouth Database email that came through today, is that all our roads are open! All that hard work paid off – thanks to everyone who provided time, labor, & materials!

Tom & I enjoyed dinner with Steve & Naomi Moyer at the Bridgewater Grange Turkey Supper. Ken & Carol Ackley joined us at our table & as usual, the food was wonderful. I believe Alice Paglia said they cooked 15 turkeys! It was also wonderful to see Ryan Dorsey & her aunt, Linda Petite that evening.

Don’t forget the Annual Thanksgiving Day dinner at 1:00 PM on 11/24 Tyson Congregational Church. We welcome everyone to join us for a bountiful meal & an uplifting time together. Anyone who would like to attend, please call Maureen Norton at 228-8506 to let us know that you are coming. It is not exactly a potluck, but if you have a special dish that you would like to bring to share, let us know that, too! During the difficult post-Irene time, our Emergency Services personnel have been wonderfully responsive & helpful, so we want to extend to them & to all the wonderful local volunteers, a special invitation to join us this year.

A Celebration of Life will take place at Tyson Church for Rowena Tucker on Sat, 11/19 at 11:00 AM. She had been at the Gill Home for a number of years & passed away on 11/13. Some of you may remember the small store that she had in Cavendish or perhaps her friendly smile when she worked at the VT National Bank in Ludlow. Condolences to her family.

Please note that the folks in the picture last week with Ellen Steward last week were great-grand daughter, Theresa & granddaughter, Rebekka! Thanks to the Standard for printing it in color.

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