Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I guess we were spoiled by those warms temps, so the single digits were quite a shock to my system! I have to admit that dusting of snow the other night made it look more like Christmas, but I was glad it didn’t happen last Thursday & impede our Christmas carol singing around Tyson & at the Gill Home.

In speaking with Missy Lynds, she said all of their trails are repaired & just waiting for snow! I understand that the connecting road to Shrewsbury is still out, so it will be a long way around for those wanting to head in that direction.

I missed Barbara Rabtoy’s birthday on the 4th, but I heard the pizza party in her honor at the Town Building was yummy. Happy Birthday to Rachel Lynds on 12/21, Melissa Perrino on 12/27, & Jodi Blanchard on 12/31.

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We had a good turnout for our Candlelight Service on Sunday evening. The offering will be given to Black River Good Neighbor Services to supplement their fuel assistance program. Most people ventured downstairs for refreshments – a varied assortment of finger foods. It was nice to have Kristen Evans, who was home for a visit, join us. I think the real draw for her was Owen, however! Thank you to Windsor Youth Services for their help setting up & assistance with lighting.

I also want to thank Emily DuPont & Julia Kowalski for helping to read the Christmas story. The choir was small due to injuries & other absences. Missing from the choir was Cheryl Bishop, but we are happy to report that she suffered no broken bones from her rather serious fall earlier in the day. Despite a severe dog bite to her left index finger, our organist, June Capron. still managed to play for us. Kathy Lynds would have jumped in, but instead was able to simply relax & enjoy the service. We will have regular 10:30 AM Worship on Christmas Day & 1/1/12.

Light of the world, shine in our darkness
Help us to heal, bring us Your blessedness.
Open our hearts so that we may be
Love heaven sent, for all the world to see.
MM 12/6/11

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