2011 Plymouth Memory Tree List of Remembrance

2011 Plymouth Memory Tree

List of Remembrance 

Elaine Gambone & Eric Johnsen:  Ken Johnsen, Cy & Heloise Gambone

Mike & Melissa Lynds:  Gladys Lynds, Mildred Sawyer

Carol J. Hoskison:  Charles & Eliza Hoskison

Claire & Dick Taylor:  Eileen & William Campbell, Hope & Harold Taylor

June Baccaglini:  Edmond Baccaglini

Jay Kullman:  In honor of 2011 Flood Victims

Betsy & Ray Forrest:  Charlotte & Ray Forrest, Sally & Frank Bacon, Tia Forrest

Dorothy & Roger Pingree:  Liford & Marion Pingrey

John & Nancy Schullinger:  Middleton Rose, Jr.

Ken & Marcia Manner:  Hattie Grey

Bill & Betty Jarvi:  Ethel Hill

Margo & Tom Marrone:  Thomas D. Marrone, William M. Greene, Anne Victoria Greene, Lara Dorsey

Joan & Daniel Levangie:  Nancy Penza

James & McKey Berkman:  Susan H.Webb

Paul & Joann Milza:  Harry Bradley

Jack & Bette Anne Sailer:

John Sailer, Sr., Lillian Sailer, Paul Sailer, Eliane Sailer, Shirley Sailer

Charles Cardillo:  Sandra Cardillo

Rommel Redito:  In honor of 2011 Plymouth flood victims

Jon & Veronica Dix:  Kenneth & Ethlene Dix

Clifford Huston:  Maureen F. Huston

Barb Lurie/Donald & Phyllis Martin:  James & Vivian Blanchard, Kenneth & Elaine Martin, Ronald Martin, Lola Blanchard

Lorraine Sisko:  Janet Symchak

Sheri Vorba Gossett:  The Ayer family

Robert & Mary Jane Cratty:  Andrea Jean McKenna

Joy Parker & Paul Donnelly:  Harrison E. & Josephine D. Parker

Barbara & Ed Jaramillo:  Virginia Turick

Lorraine Sisko:  Janet Symchak

Donna Mercurio Frisco:  Joseph Mercurio

Cynthia Howard:  LeRoy Coolidge

Naomi & Steve Moyer:  Ada Moyer, Lloyd Moyer, Alice Moyer, Rick Harootunian, Lara Dorsey

Bob & Pat Lambert:  Louis Levesque, Anna Begos, Joseph Begos

Nick & Diane Lopardo:  The Lopardo Family

Jim and Mary Ottaway:  In honor of Elaine Gambone

Stephen B. McNally:  Annarita McNally

Tara & Michael Geno:  Hollis (Grandpa) Bowen

Karl W. Lange, D.M.D.:  Barbara Mahon

Anne Brown & Lee Crawford:  In honor of Mr. & Mrs. A. James Crawford, Leigh & Michael Sneed, Jill & Denman Scott, Jane L. Leizear

Lisa Horwitz & Kurt Bolotin:  In honor of Jen and Jay Flaster

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jeter:  John & Florence Coolidge, Cynthia Coolidge Jeter

Lee A. Crawford:  In honor of Anne C. Brown


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1 Response to 2011 Plymouth Memory Tree List of Remembrance

  1. Thank you for helping those who have been devastated from the flooding and all your efforts to help those in need.

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