Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report-Reach Out Luncheon 3/15

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Writing on Monday & what a glorious morning it is – bright sunshine & warming up after an overnight freeze.  Perhaps there will be a good sap run today, but we hoped that would be the case yesterday & it just didn’t happen.  Sugar-making is a hobby of sorts for us, so my heart goes out to those who really count on selling maple syrup for their livelihood.

At the Tyson Ladies Aid meeting on 3/8 (postponed from the previous week because of the snow storm) there was great appreciation for the $500 allocated to the Tyson Library at the Town meeting.  A clean-up will be scheduled soon, with an opening date for the season in May.  The Reach Out Luncheon will be Thursday, 3/15 with chicken, rice, & broccoli, plus salad & dessert.  Our speaker will be Dave Harlow at 11:00 AM & he will talk about his book, The Way It Used to Be.

There was an early morning fire call at Hawk Inn & Mountain Resort, which mobilized a number of our Emergency Services folks, but fortunately it was a false alarm.  It is nice to know that these volunteers are so willing to respond & to do so quickly!

A number of important birthdays have just occurred or are about to come around.  There was a gala celebration for Mike Clarke at Hawk on Saturday night, although I believe his birthday is actually 3/11.  Bob Lynds has a big one on 3/21 & John Wheeler’s birthday is at the end of the month on 3/30.  Congratulations to one & all!

The concert at Tyson Church on Saturday evening was delightful.  Brent Buswell, of course, is very well-known to us.  His wife, Crista, played the piano & sang, which really enhanced Brent’s accordion playing.  Their music included a wide variety of pieces, including polkas, jazz, blues, patriotic songs, & a few hymns.  It was a fun, uplifting performance!

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