Preamble to Town Meeting 2012: Acknowledging Grace Under Pressure

Editor’s Note: Town Meeting started with a gracious acknowledgement of all who helped following the storm. We thought it would be nice to share these remarks with those who might not have been at the meeting.

By Tom Harris, Town Moderator

Before we begin the meeting, if no one objects, I would like to make an observation. In his book, Profiles in Courage, President John F Kennedy defined courage as acting with grace under pressure.

Throughout the storm and beginning in earnest on Monday August 29th, the day after Tropical Storm Irene washed through our town, we witnessed courage in its finest form. That morning and for the days and weeks thereafter the residents of Plymouth pulled together, working under extremely difficult conditions to restore services and rebuild our town.

It is only fitting that we recognize that hard work and Yankee ingenuity of our communitys volunteers and municipal employees. Thanks are warranted to Al Poirier, Sue Poirier, Kirk Turner, Larry Lynds, Art Lynds, Mike Lynds, Missy Lynds, Jeff Sailor, Barbara Rabtoy, Joe Rebideau, Justis Pingree, Michelle Pingree, Deb Staniscia, Gail Carbonaro, Andy Crossman, Keeley Crossman, Ralph Michael, Judy Michaels Jim Allen, Bonnie Allen, Cedar Allen, John Dupont, Julie Dupont, Russ Tonkin, Betsy Tonkin, Willow Bascom, Ann Brown, Bob Lambert, Bobbie Lambert, Kermit Upton, Christine Metcalf, Ed Farmer, John Donald, Kathy Donald, Jerri Savery, Tyler Savery and many others, for their prompt response and continued hard work. I am sure I missed a few and I apologize for that.

We could not have done it without the help of The Windsor County Sheriff Department, VTEL, VTRANS, CVPS and utility workers from other states, The Salvation Army, The Vermont and New Hampshire Air National Guards, The Vermont National Guard and National Guards of other states. Thank you all. You did an amazing job. You are our hometown heroes.

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3 Responses to Preamble to Town Meeting 2012: Acknowledging Grace Under Pressure

  1. Betsy Tonkin says:

    One person not on the list who should be publically acknowledged for her volunteer efforts during Irene recovery is Jill Davies, head of Plymouth Recovery Assistance. Without her organizational skills, research, liason with FEMA, and personal contact with residents and volunteers, many would not have received the emotional and financial support so desperately needed. Her volunteer efforts continue today as grants are submitted and rebuilding projects are planned. Kudos to her hard work and dedication!

  2. Bud kafer says:

    Wonderful words and a heartfelt expression of gratitude that cannot be expressed too many times. As Tom said, some names had been overlooked understandably. I think it would be nice if those names not included be recognized by adding them here.

    I would add Tina and Bruce Verdrager form the Water’s Edge to this magnificent list.

  3. Kathy Lynds says:

    Davies should have been mentioned there for all the time she put in managing things at the Plymouth School

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