Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report


A new month & right on cue – April showers, although there were a few snow flakes mixed in! Some folks have flowers up & blooming already. I wonder if the plant world is equally as confused as we are with this strange weather. It is nice to have the birds back, too. I haven’t seen any bears, but bird feeders are attractive to them this time of year!

Speaking of flowers, Tyson Ladies Aid will be distributing plants for Easter to those who are having health issues or are not able to get out very often. Don’t forget their Bake Sale will take place on Friday morning, 4/6, in front of Shaw’s in Ludlow. There are many excellent bakers, so there will be all sorts of goodies!

I had a nice chat with Jessica & Hunter Melville (formerly of Plymouth) the other day as they were walking their dog up Dublin Rd. They had been to see Sandy Lampert, Jessica’s mom. Speaking of dogs….. I heard that Linda Sedder’s dog, Playboy recently had some teeth pulled. Aging takes it tolls on people & animals as well. Our cat, Snickers, can’t hear or see very well these days, which means she doesn’t panic over the vacuum cleaner any longer, but she keeps walking into things.

There seem to be a number of birthdays this month. Best wishes to Liza Ward (4/12), Cheryl Bishop (4/13), Brandon Bergey (4/19) & Kathy Lynds (4/29). Congratulations also the Jen & Jay Flaster, who are expecting their 1st child! That also is a good reason for someone to volunteer to help Jen with the Plymouth Press, since their lives will become a bit busier in the next couple of months – Jen is due 7/3! Please do consider offering assistance – it is such a wonderful vehicle for disseminating local news.

I haven’t been to that end of town this past week, but Chet & Meredith Hathaway’s former mobile home was resting at the pull-off at the top of the Notch the week before, awaiting a new location elsewhere. I guess a new residence will be erected on its former site on Messer Hill!

A big thank-you to Chef, Kevin Barnes of the Echo Lake Inn, for taking those unsightly rocks off the church property last week that were placed there by “Irene“. By the way, our Maundy Thursday meal & service will take place 4/5 at 6:00 PM. All are welcome to attend & also to come to our Easter Celebration at 10:30 AM on 4/8.

Another very nice piece of news, Susan Mordecai, through a realtor friend, found a lovely little foreclosure on Dead End Road that was affordable & will allow her to stay in Plymouth! That is happy news for us & she is pleased to be able to stay here, where she experienced such kindness & support after the flood.

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