Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


I am writing this article on Monday & watching the weather vacillate between April showers & snow showers. What crazy weather! Perhaps it will lessen the danger of fires if the rain predicted for this week does materialize.

In speaking with Joe Rebideau, our fire warden, he indicated that burning is not currently advisable. This time of year when things have not greened up yet, the ground is dry, & the winds are frequently blowing, provides a perfect scenario for even small fires to get out of control. Don’t forget to call for a permit – 672-5148.

The Ladies Aid Bake Sale was quite a success – thanks to everyone who baked & those who supported it! So many people pass by when we are set up outside Shaw’s & Rite Aid, It is fun to visit with folks, as well.

This is the time of year when many establishments take a break. Although open for lodging, the Echo Lake Inn restaurant it closed until June. I understand that the River Tavern at Hawk is still open on Friday & Saturday evenings.

I want to thank those who helped to make our Easter service one of celebration at Tyson Church. The cross made several years ago by Shawn Ellison & Linda Hastings was decorated beautifully with flowers by Linda & Denise & Maddie Dean. At the end of church, folks were encouraged to leave their burdens at the foot of the cross & to take some of the flowers as a reminder of new life in Christ. Our choir quickly practiced a hymn prior to our service, that greatly added to our Worship!

Just a reminder that the Selectmen’s hearing on the Town Plan is taking place at 6:30 PM on Mon, 4/16. There will be discussion at 6:00 PM about changing the Unknown Soldiers Rd from class 3 to class 4.

Belated birthday wishes to Anne Brown, whose birthday I missed last week! In case you are interested in obtaining a VT Strong license plate, you can obtain one from Bill Jenney at his office at the Historic Site. This time of year it might be helpful to call ahead – 672-3773. The fee of $25 provides funds for the VT Food Bank & the VT Disaster Relief Fund. They are to be placed over your front license plate.

The 1st Farmer’s Market meeting was held 4/2 & Sue Poirier was selected to be the coordinator. Despite the permits & other regulations that will need to be put in place, the group seems excited & willing to put forth the effort. Consideration was given to planning the market to coordinate with the hours of recycling. Produce/food & crafts would be included & there was talk about selling CSA shares, too. The next scheduled meeting is 4/24 at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, so consider getting involved.

No shortage of community events taking place in Plymouth! The 1st Strawberry Festival planning meeting (4/10) will be over by the time this goes to print & hopefully I will be able to include information about it next week. In any case, mark your calendar for Wed, 6/20! Please note that the Historical Society will be having an informative program on 5/6 at the town hall – more info to follow…..

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