Community Candlelight Service: Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard.

Well, how about that storm last week!  Folks seemed to be out of power for varying amounts of time – a couple of hours here in Tyson, but a couple of days or more in other parts of town.  I hope that the electricity has now been restored to everyone.  I had not done my usual preparation of filling a couple of buckets of water & making sure to have batteries, but we are now up to speed for the winter!

If you see Carol Coyne on 12/17, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday.  I am sure there are more congratulations in order, so please let me know about these occasions for celebration.

I imagine that we already know there are some pretty talented folks in our community.  One of them is author Jon Clinch.  He came to the Reach Out Luncheon quite some time ago & read from his book, Finn.  I understand that it might become a movie.  John recently said he would possibly be interested to meeting with our Book Group if we read & discuss one of his books.

Jon’s latest effort, Belzoni Dreams of Egypt, was serialized over the last six months, but it is available now in both paperback & electronic editions.  It is about real-life explorer & circus performer, Giovanni Battista Belzoni, known for pillaging the Valley of the Kings in the early 19th century.  Check out all his books on his website!

Get ready to celebrate the Season with the Community Candlelight Service at Tyson Church on Sunday, 12/21 at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome to join us to sing carols & hear the beloved Christmas story via a wonderfully illustrated book to be read to the children & all of us who are young at heart!  Refreshment will follow, so come greet your friends & neighbors.

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