New Time for Book Club Meeting: Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report, 1/08/15

reading-clubI was fighting a cold last week and didn’t report, but I hope that everyone enjoyed welcoming in 2015.   Here in Tyson we lost power about 11:00 PM on New Years Eve, but it was back on by 11:40 in case folks wanted to see the ball drop.  I think it may have been in Wisconsin that we saw on the news they drop a wedge of cheese……

Lots of people were around our area for the Holiday weeks.  At times it was difficult even to find a parking place at Shaw’s in Ludlow, much less navigate the store.  I was checked out one day by a nice young man from Burlington.  Apparently they brought in staff from other places to handle the vacation crowds!

The weather has certainly been a mixed bag lately.  We even decided to cancel church last Sunday, since many people were hesitant to venture out.  Thanks to Rob Bishop sanding our driveway, it is not been treacherous, despite the freezing rain.  It certainly has kept our usual group from snowshoeing, instead we have been keeping our winter cleats handy.

The Book Club will be trying a different time for the upcoming meeting, Wed, 1/14 at noon at the Schoolhouse Community Center, so bring a lunch.  The book for this time is Sparta and I admit to struggling with it.  Even if you haven’t read it, feel free to join the discussion about a soldier returning to civilian life after deployment to Iraq.

I imagine that folks have learned that there has been a change of personnel at the Town Office.  Sandie Small has been appointed by the Selectmen as Town Clerk to fill the vacancy.  Best wishes to Barbara Stone in her new endeavors.

Nice to know that Dorothy Pingree is back in Plymouth after extended time in rehab – welcome home!  The only January birthday I have listed is Cindy Vosburgh on 1/20, but I am sure there must be others.  Anyway, best wishes, Cindy.

By the way, just to clarify a recently asked question, the Doug Marrone who opted out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills, but then interviewed with the Jets, is no relation.

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