Reach-Out Luncheon on the 4th Thursday This Month: Margo’s January, 2015 Plymouth Report

potluck-etiquette           Nice to have it a bit warmer as I write my column this Monday morning.  It is definitely still winter, with snow falling at a steady clip.  The ice will be covered up, so watch your step!  I am wearing my cleats just to get from the house to the garage these days.
          What a nice surprise to hear that DJ, that lost yellow lab, has been found, ten days after being spooked by the Killington New Year’s Eve fireworks.  I must admit that I do worry about the animals when fireworks are set off – domestic & wild ones.
          At the Tyson Ladies Aid meeting last Thursday we inducted another new member – welcome to Betty Spear!  As usual the meeting was lively and we discussed plans for the coming year, including the Good Friday Bake Sale on April 3rd and the annual Bazaar in August.  Thank-you notes were read for the plants and goodie baskets given out in December.
          Just a reminder that the Reach Out Luncheon (jointly sponsored by Tyson Church and Tyson Ladies Aid), usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, will be 1/22 because there are 5 Thursdays in Jan.  Laurence Jeffery from the Echo Lake Inn will be our speaker and will give us some history of the Inn.  We are hoping that daughter Lauren will be able to bring Bill Jarvi that day, since he apparently bussed tables there in his youth.  Daughter Kristen brought Bill to the Café at Delight last Friday, where Joan Day and I visited with him.  He looks great and was quite chipper.
          Members of Tyson Church will be doing a service at the Gill Terrace Apartments in Ludlow this Thursday at 1:00 PM.  They like to sing hymns, so if anyone would like to join us, please let me know.  We are still exploring options for an organ for the church, which is turning out to be a complicated endeavor.  Singing will not cease, however!
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