Echo Lake Inn Has a New Owner — Margo Marrone’s Report

 Reprinted by permission of the Vermont Standard


Not a great deal of local news this week.  Karen & I went snowshoeing across the road from Camp Plymouth State Park to the Vista Trail, then followed along the brook, even crossing it at one point.  If you are looking for a lovely spot out of the wind, that’s the place to go!  A number of snow-covered trees are bent over the trail to form intriguing archways & you can see & hear water running in the stream in places.  Although alone on Sunday afternoon, the trail was well tamped down, evidence of many others passing that way over the weekend.

How about those Pats!  I spent the first half chatting with Cheryl Bishop while Tom & Wayne were downstairs watching on their huge screen TV.  After the half-time show, we were all glued to the set in our respective locations.  Yes, I do like football & even know a bit about the game – what an exhilarating finish!

Grandson, Landon, spent part of Saturday with us & I actually arranged a play date with Jan Staires & granddaughter, Rose.  Although not two yet & not really into multiparty play, they eyed each other & for the most part shared toys.  Fun to watch the socialization process!

There actually is one piece of news here in Tyson.  Laurence has sold the Echo Lake Inn to  Tom Gianola, who actually has roots in VT, although living in the state of Washington for the past 15 years.  Son Michael is at UVM, daughter Christin is pondering grad school, but will be here to lend a helping hand for the time-being.  Daughter Jessica remains in Washington.

Our dear friend, Laurence, who has been such a wonderful part of the community, will stay here until March to help with the transition.  We will miss him greatly & wish him well.  It seems like the staff will remain in place.  Tom says he is not planning any big changes.

A reminder from our !st Response Team.  Make sure that your 911 number is clearly visible so that you can be easily located.  It is best to use a land-line when making in a 911 call, not a cell phone.  Please be sure that renters have this information, too. 

So, I am watching the snow fall this Monday morning – at least 6 inches & it is only noon with the storm to continue throughout the day.  Well, it is winter in VT……

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