Lenten Season Studies at Tyson Church Announced: Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report (2/23/15)

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard.

After another 8 inches of snow on Sat night, wasn’t it a most delightful warm & sunny day on Sunday!  I hope that everyone was able to get outdoors to enjoy some kind of fun activity.   The snowshoe saga continues…..  Karen Evans, Linda Hastings, & I trekked up Patch Brook Rd, made easily travelable by snowmobiles that had passed that way earlier.  We will explore the other side of Plymouth next week.  Let me know if you would like to join us!

I learn that Bea Wheeler broke her leg last week.  John said It is anticipated that she will be at the Gill by the time this article comes out, where she will need extensive physical therapy.  Kathy Lynds visited her in Springfield Hospital & brought her flowers from Tyson Ladies Aid.

One of our most charming former Plymouth residents, Ellen Steward, passed away last week.  Her service was held at the Davis Chapel in Springfield this past Saturday.  Although she had attended Tyson Church for quite some time prior to going into assisted care, she & Orville had been members of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church for many years, so Father Peter conducted the service.  Although we get to see grand-daugher, Rebecca & great-granddaughter Theresa sometimes, it was nice to visit with other grandchildren, Elizabeth, as well as William & his wife, Kelly.

Just a note that we will be considering these questions when I am preaching during Lent:

  • Is our way of living life-giving rather than life-draining?
  • Is our way of living one that will enhance the quality of life of each of us for as long as we live?

All are welcome to attend our 10:30 Sunday morning Worship at Tyson Church.

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