See a Solar Energy System in Operation – This Evening at the Hepler’s House


Becca White of Suncommon

Becca White of SunCommon

Hello! My name is Becca White, and I am a Solar Organizer for SunCommon, the mission driven solar company out of Waterbury, Vermont. I live in the village of Wilder, but work throughout Windsor County.

     You may have noticed in the last few months some buzz in Plymouth with a two new households in town going solar. Whether you’ve driven by installation on RTE 100A, or heard that Mike and Melissa Lynds have panels now, it’s a the perfect time to learn about the technology and if you can go solar!
     I’m hosting two educational events, an open house in town and a informational presentation. This is an opportunity to ask all your solar questions, and hear from local homeowners. Some questions that will be answered for example are: what happens when it snows? How much does it cost (sneak peek we do no upfront cost financing!)? What are the federal incentives? I heard the “solar adder” is going away in 2017, what does that mean?
     The Hepler’s in Plymouth went solar with us a few years ago and as Scott Hepler said “Going solar was super-simple and started paying off within a few months! Suncommon was great to work with and made the process very manageable; they gave us helpful, pragmatic advice whenever we asked.  Combine those with category-leading equipment and we feel like we’re set for many years.”
     Join me this Thursday, April 21st from 4PM to 7PM at the Hepler’s home at 72 Johnson Farm Road for an open house. Also I’ll be hosting a presentation at the Plymouth Activity Center (old school house) next week on Wednesday April 27th at 6:30PM. Come early on Wednesday and enjoy some snacks!
     Check out the website here:
     Thank you, and feel free to email me or call me before the events.
     Becca White

Becca White

Solar Organizer
(802) 798 2643
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