Historical Society Elects Officers; LPCTV Benefit is Coming Soon — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

April Showers (frogs)4/24/16

The strange weather continues!  Those warm sunny days have been so wonderful – cleaning up the yard, washing windows, going for walks without a coat!  Yet, the cold wind persists some days – reminding me that it is only April.  I hate to mention it, but wasn’t there a possibility of snow flurries in the forecast….

The Plymouth Historical Society elected new officers at its 4/21 meeting:  President is Betsy Tonkin, VP is Robert Fishman, Secretary is Joy Donnelly, and Treasurer is Midge Tucker.  Many thanks were offered to Mike Clarke for his 4+ years as President.  You will be happy to note that the museum will be open Saturdays from noon to 2 PM starting May 21st.  Plus the long awaited debut of the Tropical Storm Irene video is scheduled for 7 PM on 8/17 at the Coolidge Historic Site.

This event will have taken place by the time this goes to press, but I understand Dorothy and Roger Pingree will be celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary on 4/26.  A mini-celebration at Mountain View will have already happened, but belated cards can still be sent!

You might want to consider taking advantage of the “Early Bird” package for the 5/7 Annual Kentucky Derby Gala for LPCTV –  2 tickets to the event and 1 horse sponsorship costs only $100 total.  Otherwise, prepaid tickets are $30 for the Vermont-style Derby party (5:00 – 8:30 PM) that includes: dinner (assortment small plates) and dessert (Derby pie), live viewing of Derby, charity betting, silent auction, and lots of good cheer and camaraderie.  Place your order through LPCTV or stop by the Book Nook or the Wine and Cheese Depot for tickets.  Willie Dunne’s Grill and Okemo Valley Golf Club are again graciously hosting the event.

The Reach Out Luncheon included a relaxing adult coloring session lead by Willow Bascom and although I was not there, I understand it was quite enjoyable.  As usual, I was told that the meal was excellent!

Likewise, we benefited greatly from our time with the Coburns at Tyson Church on Sunday during Worship and then at our potluck luncheon.  It was interesting to learn how Jesus is revered in Islam, not as the Son of God, but as a very important prophet.  It is upsetting for Majidah and Ahas to be viewed as anything but peace-loving.  They told us that such cruel and random killing is not sanctioned by the Qur’an.  We may have them join us again and I have contact information if other groups would like to invite them.

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