Plymouth Historical Society Event at Farm and Wilderness; Defibrilators Now Positioned — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Tamarack Farm at Farm and Wilderness Camp

Tamarack Farm at Farm and Wilderness Camp


Wow, hasn’t the rain greened things up!  Although the sun is hidden some days, when it is shining, the grass is looking glorious and the trees are coming to life after their winter naps.  Creatures are waking up, too.  I have had several folks mention that bears are raiding their garbage can and feeders.  Our feeder is high off the ground and has a squirrel cage on top.  Lately I have been hearing this horrible clawing sound and this morning I watched as a squirrel crawled up the side of our house, on to the window sill, then hopped into the feeder!

The rain may have deterred some folks, but GreenUp did happen and the cleanup can continue for another week or so if you pick up those green bags at the Town Building or Fast Trash.  John Dupont was there when Tom and I arrived for lunch and to pick up bags for future use, but Willow Bascom had been there for a number of hours to assist with assignments and such.  Jim and Mac Berkman deposited several bags they had collected.  The Sheldons were working in Tyson and Steve Heilner picked up bags to finish up there.  I believe the Lamberts had done some collecting, as well.  Sorry if I missed anyone!

This coming Sunday, 5/15 there will be a joint Plymouth Historical Society and Farm and Wilderness Event beginning at 11:30 AM at Tamarack Farmhouse on the Farm and Wilderness campus.  Rain or shine, it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the camp, its programs and history and also to meet Kristi Webb, granddaughter of founders Ken and Susan Webb.  It might be too late to register for lunch, but you can call  672-1201 to double check.

I understand that a landmark birthday has been reached by Justus Pingree – his 50th on 5/5.  Thanks to Michelle for letting me know and sorry to be late with our congratulations!  I have been remiss in welcoming our new Assistant Town Clerk, Elaine Pauley.  She is a delightfully cheerful and efficient addition to our Town Office staff.

There were 10 of us who participated in an informative CPR training following the Tyson Ladies Aid meeting on May 5th.  Led by Sue Poirier with help from husband, Al, we learned the latest protocol, including the use of the AEDs (Defibrillators).   There are several located in our community – Town Hall, the Community Center, The Echo Lake Inn and the Inn at Water’s Edge.  Our Emergency Services personnel also have them on hand.   Thanks Sue and Al for making it instructive and fun!

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