“Powering Plymouth” Takes Another Step Forward!

Suncommon Car at Coolidge Gravesite     Thank you everyone who came out to Powering Plymouth events, either to the Hepler’s Solar Open House and the Plymouth Solar 101 in the last two weeks of April. I have had such a welcoming reception to town and my co-workers on the Solar Advisor team (those lovely guys who come out and take a look at your home) have echoed that.
     With that being said Plymouth has already added a new soon-to-be installed solar home! The Gleason’s will have solar put on their roof this spring, and will be able to take advantage of all the summer sunshine. As Kevin Lehman, solar home advisor said after his visit with the Gleasons, ‘It always feels great to be able to put together a proposal that matches the specific interests of a customer – in this case: energy independence and a return on investment better than any bank account offers.’
     If you weren’t able to attend either information sessions but still want to learn more or have Kevin come out to your home let me know. My email is becca@suncommon.com or I’m available over the phone at 802-798-2643.
     Let’s meet the goal of 5 new solar homeowners in Plymouth!
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