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Strawberry Festival, 2015

Strawberry Festival, 2015


Well, so much information to impart for the holiday weekend, that I just couldn’t get it together for an early submission last week.  Perhaps you didn’t even notice!   It is Sunday afternoon as I write and the rain is watering the earth.  No doubt about the fact that we need it.  You can practically hear the plants and trees cheering as they become soaked!

Our condolences to Nancy Yale’s family on her sudden passing.  It was a very nice time of remembrance on the lawn behind the Wilder House on 5/30.  She will certainly be missed.  Although it will not be the same without Nancy, hopefully it will work out to have the restaurant open back up for the season.

Graduation is upon us and will take place on Friday, 6/10 at Woodstock Union High School.  Congratulations to the four graduates from Plymouth: Marah Adams, Ryan Blanchard, Ian Dupont and Grace Vosburgh.   From what I understand, there are not any seniors from Plymouth this year at Black River High School.

Just to let you know that Emily Dupont will be performing in the 6/12 ballet recital of The Little Mermaid, at the Paramount Theater in Rutland, Vermont.  Shows are 1:00 and 6:00 PM.

June is a big birthday month around here.  Sorry if my list is not complete, but let me know if I have missed someone.  Sue Poirier (6/4)  Tom Marrone (6/6),  Sally Markwell (6/9),  Doris Earle, Matt Harootunian, Theresa Steward, and me on 6/14, Georgianna Whalen (6/26)

President Calvin and First Lady Grace Coolidge

President Calvin and First Lady Grace Coolidge

Please make note of the permanent exhibit at the Historic Site entitled, More Than Two Words: The Life and Legacy of Calvin Coolidge.  It is a fun and interactive presentation containing objects, photographs, newsreels, political cartoons, and the amazing work of Jim Cooke, the re-enactor acclaimed for his sensitive and insightful portrayal of the 30th U.S. president.  Don’t miss it!

Strawberry Festival, 2015

Strawberry Festival, 2015

Everyone is gearing up for the Plymouth Strawberry Festival on 5/22.  The list of raffle prizes keeps growing. You may purchase tickets from church members and also at the Festival that Wednesday night  The event is a huge undertaking utilizing the cooperative efforts of Plymouth Emergency Services, Tyson Ladies Aid, and Tyson Church.  Plan to attend!

View of new pavilion at Bethany Birches Camp

View at Bethany Birches Camp

I understand that Push Your Limits week will be offered again this year at Bethany Birches Camp, where you participate in various expeditions that might include rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, disc golf and more. Check out the list of the trips at

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  1. Bud Klatsch says:

    That S’berry hoopla is 6/22, not 5/22, I hope?

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