Bouldering Sage Allen, Carol Coyne Farewell, and Vermont Phil’s No-Show — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

Meet Vermont Phil. He's still in his burrow...under 3' of snow...sleeping.

Meet Vermont Phil. He’s still in his burrow…under 3′ of snow…sleeping.


Did you know that there are actually several furry friends who predict whether winter will continue or spring will emerge?  In Manitoba, groundhog Winnipeg Willow is closely watched.  Wiarton Willie and Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil, Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Staten Island’s Chuck are all touted for their weather prediction skills.  Anyway, I think we all realize that winter is not finished with us yet.

I can’t believe how many folks are traveling to VT these days.  We went into Ludlow for dinner on Saturday (big mistake) and all of the restaurants were packed.  Well, at least it is good for the VT economy and we chatted with some very nice people who were visiting our area – most of them skiers.

Four of us went to snowshoe near the Coolidge Homestead Education Center reception center and across the road today.  It was difficult turning north on Rte 100 because of the steady flow of out of state vehicles, probably heading back down country to be sure to catch the Super Bowl!

Speaking of sports, please remember and encourage Sage Allen, who will be heading to Salt Lake City shortly to compete in the National Sport Climbing competition.  This will actually be her first try at “bouldering”, where no equipment is used in the climb.  We wish her well!

I guess there are many of us who are struggling with the Act 46 issues.  I thank Keith Cappellini for providing his understanding of the situation both in the PP and Front Porch Form.  According to Julie Dupont, Option 1 (WSCU) may include Killington, Barnard, Reading, Prosper Valley (Bridgewater/Pomfret), Woodstock for pre-k-elementary and then Woodstock Middle and High School, but each district has yet to vote, leading to a degree of uncertainly.  Option 2 (TRSU) seems to be in even greater turmoil at the moment, with some of those schools being Ludlow, Mt Holly, Springfield, and GMUHS.  There are many plans being [put] forth in those towns.  It is also unclear what the incentives will actually be for joining a union, plus there is a possibility that more changes are being considered on the state level.  What that helpful?  I doubt it!

Carol Coyne (2nd from left) and Ladies Aid friends serve strawberry shortcake at the annual Strawberry Festival, June 2015.

Carol Coyne (2nd from left) and Ladies Aid friends serve strawberry shortcake at the annual Strawberry Festival, June 2015.

At the Tyson Ladies Aid meeting we happily began planning for upcoming events such as the Good Friday Bake Sale, the Strawberry Festival, and the August Bazaar.  There was a note of sadness, however, that one of our very active members is moving to FL shortly.  Carol Coyne has been an enthusiastic participant in so many activities both in TLA and also within our community.  She will be greatly missed!

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