Midwinter Plymouth Student Activities, and Reachout Luncheon — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Plymouth Snow Yesteryear

Plymouth Snow Yesteryear


I just came inside after pushing the snow off the deck.  Light and fluffy, so it was not hard work, plus the sun was shining. It is beautiful and looks like a winter wonderland, which can be appreciated if you don‘t have to get somewhere in a hurry today!  Of course the bulk of the snow removal falls to Tom.  I imagine that everyone with a plow is out there this Monday morning.  Having had to plow on occasion several years back with our old Jeep truck, I realize there is an art to it – one I am glad that others have mastered…..

Schools are closed and I hope the students and staff are enjoying their day off.  I did want to mention that Anna Hepler is on the ice hockey team and former resident, Theresa Steward is playing basketball.  Any other students whose school activities should be mentioned?

It seems that some places have vacation this week and many families have traveled to VT.  After Owen’s basketball game on Saturday, I ventured into Shaws and found the shelves rather empty!  Most of our schools will be closed next week.  Some of our students will be journeying to other shores and it would be nice to hear about their adventures!

I visited John Wheeler at the Gill Home the other day.  He is always open to visitors.  Dana Dolloff took a short stroll with Bill Jarvi at the Meadows last week and said he is doing well.  If you are in Rutland, think about paying him a visit.

This Thursday is the Reach Out Luncheon in the downstairs Community Room at the church.  Folks usually start to gather around 11:00 and the meal, which is beef stew, salad, and dessert this time, is generally served around 11:30.  It is jointly sponsored by Tyson Ladies Aid and Tyson Church, so there is no charge.  I don’t believe there is a speaker this time, but I understand there will be a special Valentine dessert.  All are welcome!

This Sunday, 2/19 will be our Children’s Sunday at the church.  We will have a special story, then a craft activity downstairs.  Feel free to join us at 10:30 AM.

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