Ash Wednesday, Reach-out Luncheon, and Kowalski Kids Achievements — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.


Amazing twists and turns in the weather.  We ventured down to the roast beef dinner at the Catholic Church in Ludlow on Saturday night and when we checked the temperature as we were leaving there, it was 57 degrees!

This almost seems like a transition time. Snowshoeing on Patch Brook Road on Friday was delightful with warm sunshine, yet a cool breeze.  Today (Sunday) our grandsons played outside past 5:00 PM with the new family that bought the Jarvi house, having fun in the “cave” they carved out of the softening snow bank.   Also, the sap is running!

I have been meaning to thank the United Church in Ludlow for hanging those cheerful hearts outside the church.  It is also fun to see where they will pop up next!  Nice to be able to share them with others, as well.

A note of appreciation is also needed to the staff at the Echo Lake Inn for clearing the walk to the church.  That has been no small feat the past few weeks!  Please make note of the Ash Wednesday service at Tyson Church at 5:00 on 3/1.  They also made a path to the basement for the Reach Out Luncheon.  Delicious beef stew and salad was the perfect meal with mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert!  Kathy Lynds gave out thought-provoking cards and most people read and responded to the questions, setting a nice tone for the gathering.

Congratulations are in order for Julia Kowalski, a sophmore at WUHS for her Magna Cum Laude academic achievement this school year and for Colton Kowalski who is in the 4th grade and just earned his yellow belt in karate at the VT Martial Arts Academy.  By the way, Paul says music will still be happening at the Pub on Saturday evenings.

You can read the warning for the 3/6 upcoming Plymouth School Meeting (7:00 PM) and the Annual Town Meeting (7:30 PM) on the town website.  Voting by Australian ballot will take place the following day.

Mark your calendar for 4/22 when Senior Solutions will be presenting a free program at the Community Center with lots of helpful information.  More to follow.

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