See You at the Strawberry Festival! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Strawberry Festival, 2015


I don’t know why some weeks there is much to write and other weeks I am at a loss.  This is one of those weeks!

Strawberry Festival, 2015

Of course the Plymouth Strawberry Festival will be happening on Wed, 6/21 starting at 5:00 PM, which is always a wonderful time to see folks you may not have seen lately.  That can be accomplished while enjoying the BBQ, salads, and strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Festival, 2015

Youngsters can have their faces painted and try a craft or touch a truck, while the adults can peruse the raffle table to see the amazing prizes.  All of this happens with wonderful music by Adam Boyce.

Now all we need is for the weather to cooperate, but don’t forget that there is indoor seating so don’t let a little rain keep you away!

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