Tyson Store is Under New Management — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Tyson Store has reopened under new management!

Enjoy the 4th of July at the Coolidge Homestead!
President Calvin and First Lady Grace Coolidge.

The holiday weekend is upon us and the weather looks challenging.  This has been a busy week, but I wanted to let folks know that if you need any last minute supplies, visit the newly renovated Tyson Store.  It looks so clean and organized now. 

Pictured are Maddie Cassano, Vickie Henry, and co-owner, Tina Rebideau.  She and her husband, Jeff purchased the store a few months ago and now have an updated deli and fully stocked shelves. 

They are still offering boat rentals, along with fishing and hunting supplies.  

Erik Johansson will join us for Worship at Tyson Church on 7/9 at 10:30 AM with his harp, guitar and other instruments.  All are welcome

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