Road Construction Reminder, Reach-Out Luncheon Coming — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Bethany Birches Campers. (Click image to access their website.)


Wow, all I have seen for storm damage around town is certainly minimal compared to some areas of VT, although I know that several of us have had to do some re-grading of our driveways!  I am loving these low-humidity days, though.  The nice weather and the holiday meant Camp Plymouth State Park has been hopping and watercraft of every size and shape could be seen vying for space on Echo Lake.

On the birthday list I believe I missed Susie Bergey turning two on 7/1.  Also, Larry Miller had a birthday on 7/3 that included the gift of a new grill so the BBQ with family and friends proceeded nicely!  Our Owen had a delightful time at Bethany Birches Day Camp last week and will attend another week in August.

Lots of wildlife have been seen in the area lately.  A moose further up Dublin Rd caused quite a reaction from Steve and Cindy’s dogs.  Besides deer, we had a red fox in the yard the other day.  I took Landon to a raptor program last week and I think I have been hearing a red-tailed hawk in the area during the day and of course the barred owls at night.  However, I didn’t exactly appreciate the dead skunk at the bottom of our driveway!  Life in VT…..

There seems to be road construction no matter where you go these days.  By the time this comes out, 100A will already be closed weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, although it will be open on the weekends.  It is anticipated that the work will continue until 8/25.  Going all the way around to Rte 4 will certainly add extra time to your trip, so plan accordingly!

As usual, we enjoyed wonderful music with Erik Johansson at church this week.  Next month Melissa Maravell will be providing her lovely music for us.  The Reach Out Luncheon (sponsored jointly by Tyson Ladies Aid and Tyson Church) will take place at the church on 7/20.  The menu will be chicken, mac and cheese, salads and a strawberry treat for dessert.  The Community Room has been painted and several other events have taken place, so consider attending and socializing in our revitalized space.  All are welcome!

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