Welcome Simon James Bergey! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


As I write this on Monday morning, I see flurries outside my window. I am hoping it doesn’t change to rain, which will than lead to ice! Hope that everyone is prudent and safe these days.

A wonderful welcome to Simon James Bergey, son of Amber and Brandon, who arrived on Thursday morning, 12/14. I hope that Susie is excited about her new brother, too!

Although it was a small group, the lighting of the Memory Tree was very nice. There were goodies in the Community Center and music by Midge that made it festive. A few youngsters added a lively touch as well!

The weather cooperated nicely on Sunday evening, bringing 70 or so people to attend our Community Candlelight Service. It was nice to see some new faces. The children were enthralled by the story read by Cheryl Bishop. It was such a treat to have John Hennelly and Fred Muzer perform the Cloverton version of Christmas Hallelujah, which so nicely tells the Christmas story. They also provided some entertainment downstairs during our social time!

So, may everyone have a blessed Christmas and Holiday season.


Snow crystals gingerly hanging from trees

Sounds of Christmas float on an icy breeze

Frantic footsteps go from store to store

Looking for a gift, something that means more

Than merely a trinket to be cast aside

Something that shows our love is inside.

Yet, true to the Season there’s something to give

The One Who comes that we might live

With peace and harmony and without strife,

Ah, yes, it is Jesus, Who brings us new life.

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