Make Plans for Bethany Birches Snow Camp! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

There is always lots of midwinter fun for kids at Bethany Birches’ Snow Camp!


Again as write it is snowing! Of course this submission is early, on Friday because of the Holiday. Perhaps this is going to be a real VT winter, hopefully with gentle snow like today and not rain with ice. Despite my knee surgery scheduled for 2/20, I did go out and plod around on my snowshoes the other day, without any more pain than usual!

The New Year is nearly upon us and the daylight hours are lengthening. That always makes me feel better – hopeful because a few more rays of sun and vitamin D can help to raise my spirits.

There has been discussion lately about setting up a ping pong table at the Community Center in order to have some indoor fun and friendly competitive games. So, if you are interested, please contact Tom (228-5114) or Justine (802-251-0155)

Speaking of fun, although this entails a great deal of delightful outdoor activity, consider snow camp at Bethany Birches.

Bobcat (Grades 3-6) will take place February 9-11, Polar Bear (Grades 7-9) on March 9-11, Lynx A (Grades 4-7) from February 17-20, and Lynx B (Grades 3-6) on February 24-27. There is tiered pricing, so check out their website or call 672-5220 for more information. There is also a wonderful free Family Fun Day for all ages on February 3rd!

There have been some changes regarding our eating establishments. Paul and Tad are no longer operating their pub at the Salt Ash Inn. Also, the Echo Lake Inn is having some temporary staffing issues and is not currently open for dinner. They hope to remedy that situation soon. However, the Inn at Water’s Edge (228-8143) is still serving and having their specials on Thursday and Friday evenings.

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