Community Luncheon, Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar Coming This Week — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Greetings from afar!  I understand it has been hot & humid in VT. Well, not quite as hot as Sacramento, though.  Still smoky here, too

I gather there was a good crowd at the Old Home Day festivities this weekend – the BBQ sold out!  Nice to have such good local support

The Community Luncheon will take place on  Thursday 8/16 at Tyson Church because everyone is pulling together to make sure it happens. I am so glad….

Sorry, but that is all i have for now. I can get email so send me info!

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Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar Arrives Saturday!!!!

Tyson Ladies Aid announces that the event you all have been waiting for is finally going to happen: Saturday, August 11th at the Gazebo across from the Baptist Church in Ludlow. The Ladies have put together an incredible array of gift baskets to take a chance of winning…everything from spaghetti dinner complete with the fixings and cookware to…..MYSTERY gift basket (whoa!!! This is the most fun!).

Tents will open for business from 10 a.m. to 2 pm.

All money earned goes to support various community projects such as the free Tyson Library, a scholarship for a graduating senior from Black River High School and Woodstock High School and many and various community support projects.

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  1. Bud says:

    Plymouth Planning Commission meeting Tuesday 7 PM. Town office building. Residents invited to attend, as revised Town Plan being discussed and in particular land usage. This is your opportunity to be heard.

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