Bethany Birches Camp Auction and Breakfast — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Although Camp Plymouth State Park is open until the end of the month, the weather has probably kept many from venturing over there. With help from our friend John, Tom has taken our sailboat off Echo Lake and put it to bed for the season. Of course that likely means we will have some beautiful days yet to come!

Thanks to the several people who made food for the luncheon last Thursday. Over 25 people attended, filling the room with wonderful energy and lively conversation. Thanks to Dana Dolloff for sharing his firsthand knowledge of Ticonderoga pencils, as well as some local history about the church and Tyson Ladies Aid.

Are you ready for the amazing Bethany Birch Camp auction? It is happening on Saturday, 9/29 up on Lynds Hill, starting at 9:00 AM with free breakfast that includes freshly made donuts. Peruse the items and be ready to start the bidding at 10 AM. You can view the items now at and if you can’t attend you can even bid online.

The after-auction lunch, sponsored by Gallagher Flynn and Company provides a wonderful time to socialize and check out the camp. This event is an important component of the camp budget that allows children to receive scholarship help and be able to participate in the various programs. Come join the fun!

Our condolences go out to Shirley Billings on the recent passing of Bob. It true that some of our folks are getting older and several have had to move out of town. We still remember many of them and even visit with them. Coming up on 10/11, Bill Jarvi will be turning 94. If you would like to shower him with cards, the address is the Meadows, 157 Heritage Hill – Room 49, Rutland, 05701.

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