“Date Night” Childcare at the Community Center Available Saturday ; Yoga Classes Have Resumed — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Remember you’re not just parents! Register your child for Saturday’s Date Night!


Although there are still some visitors coming up to see the leaves, it seems like we are coming into a down time. I actually love what I call the “golden phase” of foliage with only a few splashes of red and orange left, but a soft golden glow instead.

Another “Date Night Childcare” will take place at The Plymouth Schoolhouse on Saturday October 20th, from 4pm-8pm for children ages 3 and over for $20 per child. Besides Lauren, Maddy Cassano will be assisting, which means a few more youngsters can be accommodated. So, pack dinner for them and register at 802 417 6895 orlskaskiw@gmail.com.

Start the week right! Join Sunday Morning Yoga!

Also, at the Community Center, Yoga class is taking place at 10:30 on Sunday mornings and will continue into the Fall. $12 a class or $90 for 10 classes. Spare mats are available and  all levels are welcome.

Silent Cal says “…..”
Well, nothing, actually, because he’s silent. But you can stop by and visit his Homestead until the end of the month anyhow!

The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site will be open through October 21st so make a point to get there if it has been on your agenda but you haven’t made it yet this year! For further information, please call (802) 672-3773 sites online at www.historicsites.vermont.gov.10/5/18

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