Here Comes Winter! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Late Fall at the President Coolidge Homestead, Plymouth Notch (T. Bascom, photo)


All of my hanging plants are toast, along with the lovely blooming planters. Well, actually, they were frosted! Funny how we use words. I was hoping for a few more weeks of their beauty because I have special friends coming to visit, but alas, it was not meant to be.

I have to admit that the snow glistening in the trees the other morning was lovely with the bright sun shining on it. I guess I am just not ready to move into the next season. That applies to other areas of my life as well…..

Happy news for Kathy and Bob Lynds because they are welcoming two new grandchildren into their family. Daughter Elizabeth and her husband David have recently adopted Serenity Rosalynn, age 8, and Juan Raphael, age 6. The youngsters have been living with the Howes for some time, but now it is official!

Although it was a slightly smaller group at the Community Luncheon, we had fun sharing mouse stories, those tenacious little rodents who seem to slip in to our homes through such tiny spaces. Contemplating a nice pre-Thanksgiving dinner on 11/15 – stay tuned!

Besides mice getting settled in, folks are settling into our town or at least buying into it. Please note the following property transfers:

1. 205 Weaver Hill Road, $327,000; Amar Medjid and Eileen Seibert to Jeffrey and Rachel Faunce

2. 1782 Route 100 A, $113,500; Eileen Downes to Joshua Linton

3. Chapman Road, 7.6 acres, $25,000; David Damon to Little Ascutney, LLC

4 1546 Lynds Hill Rd, $65,000; Mike and Melissa Lynds to NRC, LLC

5. 124 Goshawk Drive, $228,000; Spec in the Woods, LLC to Kevin Galletta

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