Are You Ready to Vote? — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Tuesday, November 6


I am writing this on Friday morning and the day is very pleasantly full of blue sky and sunshine. I even went out on the deck to exercise – all bundled up and holding on so I didn’t blow away! Isn’t it amazing how that bright golden ball can perk up your spirits. I try to retain that image when the gray days roll in.

I was able to participate in the “Telling our Stories” program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center again this past week. Former patients, caregivers, and staff read or sing thoughts from their experiences, sharing their hearts, as well as their heartaches. Yet so often, humor surfaces, and yes, it is good medicine. At the end I will share the piece that I wrote.

News alert – the Reading Group will not be meeting until 11/29 to discuss Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. It turns out to be slightly longer than anticipated, plus it had to be obtained through inter-library sharing, so it was delayed. In speaking with others, it is an interesting read that sheds some light on Korean/Japanese history and struggles. Do consider getting it, then join us for the discussion!

Reminder….. Elections are coming up on Tues 11/6, so get out and vote. Plus, it is an enjoyable way to meet and greet your neighbors from across town.

I am just amazed at the way houses and property are changing hands these days in our town

1) 9663 Route 100, $280,000 by Paul Darr and Christine Baranowski to Killington’s Brookside Manor, LLC

2) Colby Pond Road 3.05 Acres, $40,000 by Gregory Ellis to Sean and Terri Teasdale

3) 1534 Scout Camp Road, $675,000 by the Rentoul Grevatt Estate to Lake Sons, LLC


Illness or injury is disorienting. It is like free falling through an unfamiliar void where nothing seems normal. You want to become grounded – to see clearly, but it is impossible. Then ever so slowly, compassionate faces begin to appear. Loving hands tenderly reach out to you. Soft whispers of encouragement float around you. The distress might not lessen, but you are not alone on this journey. Somehow, there is shelter even in the turmoil. That is what we can be for one another.

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