Bridgewater Community Chorus Event; Community Center Grant Awarded — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Plymouth Community Center Coordinator Lauren Harootunian receives State grant to help upgrade Community Center.


I am writing this on Friday and there seems to be a heatwave going on – 55 degrees feels pretty warm. It amazes me that despite all the rain, some trees are still holding onto their leaves. Please watch out for turkeys on the roadways, I have come across several flocks and they don’t move out of the way very quickly. Don’t they know that Thanksgivings is almost here!

How exciting that the Plymouth Community Center has received a grant of $6000, that will be used toward the needed roof repairs and exterior painting of the building. Nice work Lauren! She applied for this funding from the Dept of Buildings and General Services, under their Building Communities Grants program. The work will begin in the spring.

I understand that there are several Plymouth residents who are part of the Bridgewater Community Chorus that will be giving a free concert on Saturday, November 10th at 7 pm at the North Universalist Chapel. There will be acapella four-part harmony music including songs from South Africa, Sisak’s “Omnis Una,” “Prayer of the Children” by Kurt Bestor, gospel music, and original compositions by members of the chorus! For more information, contact Marcia Bender at 672-1797

Please note that the Community Luncheon for November will be an early Thanksgiving feast. Several members of Tyson Ladies Aid have agreed to help with preparing food, as well as a number of regular attendees. In order to prepare properly, it would be helpful to get a count of those who might be coming. You can call me (802-228-5114) in order to help us figure out how many we need to serve. It should be a great meal and enjoyable gathering. Looks like I will be making the turkey unless someone else just can’t wait to do it! We will gather at 11:30 as usual.

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